About Us

Trutuff Shoes is a small start-up which has started business in September of 2019. Founded by Prakash Agarwal, a second generation entrepreneur, the sole aim of this start-up was to create safety products for industrial use. 

The idea of Trutuff Shoes, came one day due an incident in one of the manufacturing unit of plastics where an operator's feet got badly damaged because of an accident in which a big die metal block fell on his foot. Despite company providing him safety shoes, the operator did not wear the shoes during the accident because, he has removed the shoes due of heavy weight of the shoe along with being very rigid and uncomfortable.

After this incident, we decided to give shoes like they wanted ie light weight, flexible, breathable and comfortable. We searched many shoe brands but the shoes we wanted were either too expensive or were not there. 

Hence TruTuff was born. The basic goal of Trutuff is to provide shoes that
a) Should be Secure and Provide Good Safety
b) Should be Comfortable
c) Should have breathability
d) Should we flexible
e) Should look really good
f) Should be affordable. 

With this very goal we sell shoes after testing that fit all the above criteria and hope this will provide a safer feet every time. 

Write to us on support@trutuff.shoes for any suggestion or queries that your may have. We are here to help...